Ebrahim K. Kanoo Trains Ministry of Education Teachers

Submitted by mediahub on Mon, 09/02/2019 - 14:08
Ebrahim K. Kanoo Trains Ministry of Education Teachers

Ebrahim K. Kanoo, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, has successfully conducted an intensive training program and workshop for technical and vocational education teachers in the field of automotive body & paint technology. This training falls in line with the company’s mission of raising professional standards in Bahrain, and in light of the Ministry of Education’s recent announcement to add a new vehicle body & paint curriculum into government technical schools.

The 10 day in-depth training program was created to provide teachers of the technical and vocational schools in Bahrain with the latest technologies used by Toyota in the field of vehicle body & paint and best practices used to maximize potential of the students and the equipment. The program also comprised of practical implementation of projects which were in turn evaluated by Toyota certified Ebrahim K. Kanoo trainers.

Ebrahim K. Kanoo head of Talent Management; Dr. John Mathew, shared his perspective on the importance of this program and its impact on the future of Bahrain’s school students, “Supporting the development of technical teachers here in Bahrain has been a part of Ebrahim K. Kanoo’s focus on academic-industry interface for a long time. The Ministry of Education’s recent decision to include vehicle body & paint as a specialty curriculum in technical schools shows the government’s keenness to bridge the professional gap between academic teachings and real world situations, increasing students’ employability upon graduation.

At Ebrahim K. Kanoo we strongly believe in the sustainability of our training programs and focus greatly on ensuring that these teachers get the best possible experience to pass onto their students in the future. We will undoubtedly continue to offer our unwavering support to the Ministry and will follow the progress of the students carefully.”

The training sessions centered on best practices in the body and paint field and focused on core topics including; basic service operation, work safety, intensive elements of body repair, knowledge of vehicle body structure, repairing damages vehicles, interior & exterior parts removal and installation, welding and putty shaping.