Ebrahim K. Kanoo - INJAZ Volunteers Praised

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Ebrahim K. Kanoo - INJAZ Volunteers Praised

Ebrahim K. Kanoo celebrated the participation of its employees in the INJAZ Bahrain Program at a reception held for the volunteers at its head office in Manama.

Ebrahim K. Kanoo Managing Director; Mr. Talal F. Kanoo hosted the team of 12 volunteers and praised their efforts in continuing the company’s commitment to better the lives of citizens in Bahrain and invest in the future of the youth of the nation.

Mr. Kanoo also commended INJAZ for their dedication to the youth and pledged to continue the company’s support of the programs; “INJAZ Bahrain is a pioneering organization that follows the same vision of Ebrahim K. Kanoo to nurture local talent and help students better understand the importance of business professionality. We are proud of our volunteers and will continue to support the program and provide the new generation with the skills they need to be successful corporate citizens.”

“As with all our local partners, Ebrahim K. Kanoo intends to fully cooperate and support INJAZ Bahrain in its mission and will continue to invest in the growth of this initiative with our valuable resources and access to our dedicated employees.” Continued Mr. Kanoo

The employees; from various departments across the company, delivered relevant INJAZ programs with hands-on experience to give students from primary level through secondary school an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.

INJAZ Bahrain is a non-profit organization that was established in 2005 as part of Junior Achievement Worldwide with the aim of empowering young people to own their economic success and be prepared for today's business challenges. With the help of its partners and volunteers, INJAZ Bahrain impacts thousands of students every year bringing them closer to the real world and opening their minds to their own potential. Ebrahim K. Kanoo became an official patron of the organisation in 2017.