Ebrahim K. Kanoo Receives Second Batch of ‘Tumooh’ Students

Submitted by mediahub on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 12:21
Ebrahim K. Kanoo Receives Second Batch of ‘Tumooh’ Students

Ebrahim K. Kanoo has welcomed the second batch of its Graduate Recruitment and Development Programme; ‘Tumooh’ which provides unique job opportunities to young and talented Bahrainis.

The two year recruitment and development programme, designed to provide both general professional skills and specialist technical development opportunities, will take the graduates through a job rotation schedule in order to understand every division of the company and where their individual strengths can be best utilised. Eight graduates were successfully chosen based on their academic achievements followed by a rigorous assessment and interview process.

Ebrahim K. Kanoo CEO, Mr. Mike Brightmore affirmed the importance of such schemes that see a positive investment in exceptional Bahraini graduates, “At Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo we strongly believe in recruiting talented, ambitious Bahrainis and developing their potential. Tumooh, our graduate recruitment and development programme was created to be an extension of the learning journey, with added professional corporate and technical aspects, led by some of the best people within our company. We welcome the second batch of students and wish them the best of success with us.”

The first batch of Tumooh graduates are currently in their second year of rotation and are progressing as per the scheduled advancement agenda, with many having already earmarked their future roles.