Lexus Bahrain launches exclusive Ramadan service offers

Submitted by mediahub on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 00:00
Lexus Bahrain launches exclusive Ramadan service offers

The ongoing promotion runs throughout the holy month, giving Lexus owners a 25% discount on labour and parts charges, 25% discount on Michelin tyres, and up to 25% discount on LLumar and Ziebart car care services.

The offer will provide Lexus customers with the opportunity to service their vehicles during the holy month and benefit from the discounted rates with the quality and comfort they are accustomed to as Lexus owners. The offer also provides them with the chance to utilise the discounts from Ziebart and LLumar to refresh their cars or purchase any of the outstanding products.

Ebrahim K. Kanoo Senior General Manager of Service; Mr. Michael Goode commented: “Amongst Lexus’s core strengths are its superior quality and pioneering technology. To ensure the optimal performance of your Lexus, regular servicing and maintenance visits are a must. This Ramadan we want to give back to our customers for their loyalty and dedication to the brand.”

Lexus owners can enjoy the luxury of being welcomed at the exclusive Lexus lounge at Toyota Plaza; where dedicated service advisors provide customers with personalised service to ensure their utmost peace of mind.

During Ramadan, Lexus Service Centres in Arad and Toyota Plaza Tubli will be open every day; 7am to 4pm and after Iftar from 8pm to 11pm. Service Centers in Riffa and Manama will also open every day from 7am to 4pm. To book your appointment, contact Toyota Plaza on 17787888, Arad on 17677222, Manama on 17256677 or Riffa on 17776070, or visit